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Most of the year our weather is pristine - beautiful springs, bright falls, hot summers and mild winters. However, being next to the Atlantic means we do seem to get the hurricanes that pass by, not to mention other strong storms. With severe weather comes property damage to homes in the area. While having a tree fall on your roof is a pretty good indication you will need a roof replacement, sometimes storm damage to your roof is not as apparent. Strong winds, heavy rains and large hail can all cause serious damage that may mean you need a new roof.

If you think your roof has been damaged and are concerned you may need a roof replacement, the team at 1st Choice Roofing, LLC is here to help. We provide top-quality roofing repair services in the area as well as exceptional customer service.

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Do I Need A New Roof?

When it comes to roofs, it's pretty difficult to know what's happening right on top of you. If your roof is damaged from a storm, you may not know it for weeks or months, until you have extensive water damage and a huge problem. To help determine the status of your roof, here are a few helpful signs to look out for after a large storm hits:

  • Curled, Cracked or Missing Shingles - Wind and hail can cause serious damage to your shingles. If you look and see any shingles on your home that are coming up or just gone, the roof may need to be replaced.
  • Signs of Moisture in Your Attic - After a large storm passes by, the next time it rains head to the attic to see if there is any water coming in at all. Even just a drop could mean a bigger problem.
  • Dents or Scratching On Home - Is there a gash on your roof joint, or dent on your gutter? If parts of your house were damaged from hail or wind, there's a good chance your roof was as well.

In many cases, damage happens and you cannot possibly be aware of it unless you are visibly looking at your roof — unless of course you count seeing water spots on your ceiling weeks later. If you suspect that you may need a new roof, the pros at 1st Choice Roofing are happy to help. We provide a complimentary roof inspection to determine if there is any damage, how bad the damage is and if a repair or replacement would be necessary.

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To schedule your FREE roofing inspection in the Triangle, NC area or throughout Virginia, please contact the experts at 1st Choice Roofing, LLC today.

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Why Choose 1st Choice Roofing, LLC

  • We specialize in roofing repairs and replacements caused by damage from wind, hail and rain. We partner with the top roofing material companies in the industry which allows us to bring quality products to you.
  • We are very familiar in working with insurance companies and can help navigate the homeowner's claim process. In addition, we offer financing in order to provide different payment options.
  • Our core values drive our impeccable customer service. With a passion for doing the right thing and making sure to provide honest, reliable service every time, we are happy to exceed your expectations.